About fifteen years ago I had lots of money so I bought a camera and an edit suite to make a film.


I used to edit suite to make my own showreel - a friend saw it and so I made his. His agent saw it and send me some of their clients. The client's friends saw it and... well...


I have looked after about 450 actors, most come back for updates, and I have found myself with a small, rather discrete business. I don't advertise or it's all done with personal recommendation.


In the early days it was 15 minutes long and produced on a bank of whirling machines. Now its me and you and a gorgeous computer.  Massive improvement in what can be achieved quickly and easily and with a professional, frame perfect end result. Whatever others may say, editing is quick and easy.


That's not the only thing that's change. The world is saturated with showreels now, all online (I used to make DVDs) and most of them just a few minutes.


The rumour is that no one watches more than minute.


So, you come and sit with me and we spend a couple of hours (it rarely takes more time) compiling your life times work into a tiny bright package that will sparkle. "Montage sequences" are mostly regarded as a mistake, these days. I do suggest very often that the first minute has a half dozen ten second extracts of the forthcoming reel  - choose those bits carefully (and if you have the right material in your bag) the showreel has can catapult you to stardom.


  • We are not telling a story, of course, but I like to give the extract a context or at least the flavour of a context because that adds life and colour to the performance.


There are other golden, silver and bronze rules I have invented over the years, all of them there to be broken.


I try to make your reel unique, different and even special, though you have no idea how much the temptation is for an actor or an agent to demand a reel that's just like everyone else's. I have to respect that but I may  try to persuaded you to be brave and bold. In the end you are the customer and you know what they say....


Have a look round my website and you see I have a panoramic view of the industry and you though I don't mind a bit if you don't take my advice, you would be daft not to listen. Its what you are paying for.


And its 30 an hour. Always as been. Thats cheap I know but i have no overheads (I work from my studio at home) and I love doing it. If you don't like it you simply don't pay. If I don't like it you dont pay. If your agent doesn't like you don't pay. If your mum doesn't like it we ignore that. Mums have a whole other agenda.


That's it. Apart from this...

A showreel that doesn't do you justice is  professional suicide - you have to be proud and confident and so does your agent. You may be the best actor in the world but if you don't have the material to prove it - wait. Do short films and student films no and low budget films (some  of the very best footage comes from them).


You will leave here with nothing - I will post the your showreel on  my private Vimeo site and send you and your agent the link in a few hours (the upload takes ages). We get as much feed back and comment as we need (your agent's views are especially important), and normally you don't come back - you send notes, we consult, argue and swear and then I produce a final cut. I can put on DVD (7) or Spotlight (free)


I keep everything here for five years so you can upgrade or make changes.


There is a great deal more to say, but you have probably done enough reading - so ring me if you like


020 7515 4865


or email at


See you soon.